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Benefits of Handicrafts

Posted by ziuby 02/09/2015 2 Comment(s)

Benifits of handicraft


In the industrialized world of today, all of us look for branded products. Apart from this, some people buy quality hand made products such as handicrafts. The handicrafts business is growing in many parts of the globe. Even though handicrafts are considered as traditional work, there are many advantages associated with it.

  • What are handicrafts?

Handicrafts are items which are constructed by hand using straightforward tools, rather than bunch invention methods and equipment. Though similar to arts and crafts, there is one key differentiation with handicrafts. The items are produced as a result of the efforts designed for a special function as well as decorative in nature. Handicrafts involve the formation of a wide range of functions.

  • Benefits of  handicrafts?

Improves the creativity and skills- whatever talent or skills you have, if it meets the eligibility and eminence criteria then you are on the right track. You have to create handicraft goods with your knowledge and skills. At the first stage you may create some mistakes, but improving and practicing the creativity can be surely achieved.

  • Availability of raw materials

Since handicraft is all about making craft with available things, the raw materials are very cheap and easy to purchase. Most recycled items are household waste products

  • Make money with self employment

It is one of the best ways to create employment. It provides enormous opportunities to explore the skills as well as the talents. Unemployment along with women who are homemakers can spend their leisure time in learning handicrafts to earn good amount of income. Income generation depends to a great extent on the quality of skills you possess along with the resources and investment you allot for the handicraft business. It is also necessary to find the niche market and the target audience to earn the extra amount of income.

  • Strengthens the economic growth

Handicraft products made from cottage industries can easily be marketed with the help of exhibitions and trade fairs that portrays the unique talents of the world. Selling decorated handicraft products can increase the export rate of the country and hence it boosts the economic growth. Economic growth can also be achieved by employment generation and proper transformation of local materials into useful products.

  • Minimum amount of investment

This business completely depends on individual skills and ordinary raw materials. Therefore there is no need for wasting machines or big industry

  • Environment friendly

One of the most attractive features of handicraft industries is the eco friendliness part. It uses waste materials which can be converted to beautiful pieces of handicraft items. They are not made of machines; hence they use less amount of energy and give minimum amount of waste output. Most of the hand made products are bio degradable and environment friendly than factory made products. It is devoid of hazardous chemicals.

2 Comment(s)

Bhartiy swarnkar sangh:
14/04/2017, 10:47:45 PM

As we are an association of artisans of Goldsmith's so we request you to send the list of entire benefits to the relevant and also update with the additions or changes. Duli Chand Karel-President

16/08/2017, 04:37:39 AM,

The fact that I still find so much beauty in a handicraft is because my mother taught us to see not just the craft as a product but the craft as an embodiment of human creativity and human labor.

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