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History of Indian Handicrafts

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In ancient India people lived in colonies called tribal’s and  they used to make utility items for their daily needs. This art of making the craft as handicraft and the items are called as handicraft items. Then people started selling these items in the local market. Time has evolved and people have become more civilized in all aspects, those who have started making handicraft products have started trading their makings by increasing demand and population.

Handmade goods are known as handicrafts and handicrafts used in India are known as Indian handicrafts. From the early ages to the current world, people of India have used the handicraft products for a long time. Indian handicrafts were used as utility items to fulfill the need, but now days these items have gone on to become creations of art and used for decorations.

  • Indian handicrafts in the world

People from ancient civilizations to modern world have been using Indian handicrafts for decorating their home and gardens along with other utilities. The handicrafts of the country attracted people from all over the globe. The art of India has been continuously spreading around the world by Indian handicraft products. The specialty of it is that they are made by hand, hand molded, hand carved by masters working for years. In fact some spend their whole life to make their art a master piece. Later on people started developing those products in quantity by using the technique developed by Indian artisans.

By increasing the demand of Indian handicraft products, some exporters and traders of India did collect the handicraft products from all over India and sold in the international market at a high price. If you compare hand made products with machine made products, they are totally different in quality and price. The machine made products will be more good looking and the finishing will be of superior quality. Handmade products may be not all that superior in finishing and may have some dent or shapes and the shape can be of different shapes as well as sizes. On the other hand machine made products will have same shape and the same weight throughout the production.

If you feel the products, the machine made craft cannot have the same feeling as touching hand made products. It is a great feeling when you are touching and admiring the beauty of hand crafted art. Handmade crafts are unique, look rich and have a long life. Every art piece has the story and history in it, and when you are touching the handicraft you are feeling history itself, decorating and watching your house.

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